Oct 22, 2019


Sit back, relax and spend what Bobby Alu refers to as "forty minutes in a hammock", with his third studio album Flow.

A labour of love over four years with key collaborator and producer Paulie Bromley (george, The Beautiful Girls), the album revolves around observing human beings in their natural state of flow: "When it’s good, when it's bad, the realisation and acceptance that it all works together", Bobby explains.  With songs woven together across over 20 countries, each with a specific narrative, Flow is an introspective piece of work that mirrors who Bobby Alu is as an individual and his musicality as a whole.

From the opening 'Afi' and momentum starter pack 'Fire' to the closing call for solitude, 'Tomorrow', the album's influences span Bobby's Polynesian heritage, his international travels, teachings from rhythm mentor Greg Sheehan (Blue King Brown, Sinead O’Connor, Cat Empire) and even Dr.Seuss. Bobby Alu's frank and sometimes poignant observations of the world around him are written beautifully atop lively drum beats, acoustic ukulele riffs and soothing vocals. His lyricism achieves simultaneous emotion and lucidity as each track explores self-reflection, acceptance and allowing yourself to experience each moment of life's flow

With album tracks such as 'Move', 'Other Side', 'Finally' and 'Fire' spinning on the likes of ABC local radio, Double J and hitting the AMRAP/ Airit community radio airplay charts across the last year, Bobby Alu fans have had a significant taste of Flow already. However, it's deeper album cut moments like the mood-altering 'Turn' and Dr Seuss inspired 'Dust' and 'Days Behind' where Bobby Alu's introspective candour shines outward. 

Currently navigating the wave of accolades cascading his way, Bobby Alu releases Flow in the midst of a packed year of live shows. Performing 59 shows across Australia and North America in the last year alone, Bobby Alu has smiled from ear to ear, drummed, sang and strummed on his ukulele for an estimated 45,000 people. Shows have included supports for the likes of UB40 (UK), Trevor Hall (USA) and local and international support tour runs with longtime pal Xavier Rudd. The Byron Bay local also completed his own headline tour with sold-out East Coast dates and managed to fit in two stunning performances at BIGSOUND and a live appearance at The Queensland Music Awards.

It's absolutely certain Bobby Alu's trajectory has found a certain state of Flow this year and the current is only getting stronger. As he says of album track 'Move' "It’s like it comes out of nowhere and things are just moving well. You forget about the work that was done to get there and what may happen in the future. You are present and pretty damn stoked about it. I love this feeling and I do everything in my power to get to these moments." 

For Bobby Alu, the moment has arrived. 

Flow is OUT NOW