Jun 04, 2019


Butternut Sweetheart is the musical project of Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and producer Luke Moseley. Although officially formed in late 2018, Butternut Sweetheart has been percolating below the surface for years.

Created purely as an avenue for artist expression, Moseley pushes musical boundaries by creating a sense that the songs have evolved from dark, smouldering embers of a dying fire or a helicopter blade slicing through an unripe avocado. Making someone ask the question ‘is that a guitar? is that a keyboard? is that human?’

Inspired by difficult to define artists such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tuneyards, and Melodies Echo Chamber, Butternut Sweetheart songs are a warping mélange of electronic and organic production and the centerpiece of this project.
Organic source material is manipulated to make it sound like it’s electronic (eg. making a piano sound like a synthesiser) or the flip side - making an electronic sound seem organic (using synths to sound like they have a voice).

New single Bury Me deals with some dark issues but in an unexpected way. As described by Moseley:
"Expressing grief is not something that comes naturally to me. “Bury Me” became my way of processing a feeling of overwhelming emotional emptiness. My emotional self was buried, and I was ‘looking for a heartbeat’ or ‘any sign of life’. The song ends with acceptance and embracing my inner ‘death’. As dark as it is, I’m fairly sure there’s a positive message to be found somewhere inside the song." - Luke Moseley / Butternut Sweetheart.

Leading up to the launch of this new project, Moseley forged his path as tour manager and guitar tech for Australian icons such as Rufus Du Sol, Sarah Blasko, The Paper Kites, Matt Corby, and Ball Park Music who he joins on tour in May & June this year.

Bury Me is out now through Viscera Arts.