Oct 01, 2019


Cool Sounds are a Melbourne indie guitar-pop outfit. They’ve been playing together since the mid 10’s, fluid in line-up but with writer/vocalist Dainis Lacey at the heart of it, whose idiosyncratic falsetto makes the band instantly recognisable. Current line-up includes original members Nick Kearton, Steve Foulkes and Jack Nichols, and Ambrin Hasnain, who joined in 2018. 

They are notable for their guitar-lick interplay, melodic lines and earnest delivery. The prolific group’s style is firmly rooted in Melbourne’s jangle scene, but they excel in borrowing atmospheres from past musical eras with enough ambiguity so as to create timeless songs. 

After releasing their second album Cactus Country late 2018, Cool Sounds joined The Ocean Party on a co-headline Australian tour, playing to packed rooms. They performed at the last-ever iteration of the beloved Secret Garden festival, and supported Twin Peaks and Crepes. They are currently touring Europe during July and August of 2019, before returning home to launch their new LP More To Enjoy (due for release Sept 20th) on a run of Australian headline shows. Tour dates can be found below.

The first taste from the upcoming album was “Around And Down” (June 19th), - a shimmering track inspired by the deaths of John Clarke and previous band member Zac Denton. It’s about how after death, an artist ‘becomes his admirers’, and how place and season can evoke the reliving of memories. Second and eponymous single “More To Enjoy” (July 24th) is a sonic gateway into the LP - drenched in woozy alt-country riffs and flamboyant instrumentation, as though Lacey has been spending time with Burt Bacharach and Hot Chocolate. It’s about the complex nature of friendship and loyalty in difficult circumstances. "More To Enjoy" sat on the Australia Viral 50 Spotify charts for 4 days, came in at #1 on the AMRAP Metro chart, and now sees them as the cover stars of the Broad Chords playlist. The third single and album opener "Hula Hoop Group" (September 3rd) is a dig at name-dropping rockers who propagate an idea that it matters who-with and what-with you're making music. Musically it's a 'lil inspired by Steve Miller Band but with some prog rock, krautrock and Sesame Street rock in the recipe. 

Writer Dainis Lacey says "this album was written and recorded over the span of four weeks, at a time when I was still processing the loss of a close friend, coinciding with having time off work and study. It was a cathartic, enjoyable and relieving experience during a time of grieving.
Recorded at my old family home using Zac's instruments and recording gear, the album is a departure from the idealistic instrumentation and songwriting of Cactus Country for spur-of-the-moment performances and impromptu ideas. It embraces scrappy opulence."

Underpinned by a rhythmic, lofi 70s soundtrack referencing Carly Simon, Thin Lizzy and Steely Dan, the album will be exploring themes of desperation, guilt, seediness, remorse, desire and nostalgia. It is inspired by the murkiness in even the best of us, all in the chase of living in excess. After all, even at society's lowest there is always More To Enjoy.

More to Enjoy is out now through Hotel Motel.