Sep 11, 2018


Dan Howls is an appropriate name for an artist with such a bellowing roar. Big, gritty and acidic, it is a voice that belongs to the blues... a human being merely wields it. Tried and tested through years of live performance, Dan has finally unveiled his stunning debut album, A Dime a Dozen

While providing listeners with a steady stream of taster tracks, including WAM award winning single The Prince, all ears are now on the fantastical crimson-soaked murder blues number,  Mary Lou.

Relentlessly steaming forward like a stolen train, Mary Lou is Dan Howls at his foot-stomping best. Needing nothing more than a guitar and a tambourine around it, his voice drives a grim narrative of death and dirty deeds, accompanied beautifully by the bittersweet vocals of Julia Weller. A long-time friend and collaborator, Weller is part of Dan Howls' road-hungry live band, which features the formidable backing of drummer Josh Cutler, bassist Callum Adcock and organist/saxophonist Ben Power.

Producer James Newhouse has perfectly encapsulated the true essence of Dan Howls on A Dime a Dozen – from his demonic rasp to his devilish charm. Keeping things raw and honest, Newhouse unlocks and hones the essential truth in each song, allowing each instrument to meld into a powerful conglomerate of sound. Worshipping more at the altar of a bygone era than modern convention,  A Dime a Dozen wades the traditions of blues through a thick tar pit of despair and misery, coming out the other side heavier, darker and more sodden... a beautiful place for blues to be.

A Dime A Dozen is out now.