Nov 26, 2019


Two dynamic women, one four-octave electronic marimba/xylophone, 11 different drum pads, up to six sticks hitting the triggers at any time – meet Feels​, the boundary-pushing, award-winning artists, producers, label founders and gender equality groundbreakers. Feels drop their highly anticipated eleven-track debut album Water Level​, featuring collaborations with MISSY, ZAN, LALKA and Joan & The Giants.
With five incredible singles already out this year Piha​, Bad4me​, Circles​, Fake Fur and Lasers it is time for the release of their debut album Water Level​! The album features collaborations with MISSY​, ZAN​, LALKA and Joan & The Giants – giving the album a very universal sound. The lyrical content explores diverse themes from the perspective of their collaborators. In MISSY’​s features ‘​Bad4Me​’ and ‘​Fake Fur​’, the light-hearted relationship conflicts are key to their upbeat pop experiments. In LALKA​’s feature ‘​Fine China​’, Feels gives the platform for fierce confidence in minority identities, allowing room for a more PC Music meets Britney Spears collab. In ZAN’s features ‘​Lasers​’ and ‘​Super Powers​’, themes of queer identity and confidence in self-expression are explored, set to powerful hard-hitting chorus drops. Joan and The Giants ‘​Circles​’ explores broken relationships, juxtaposed against Feels four to the floor pop production.
“The theme of water is a personal one for us, having spent most of our lives on the coast of Western Australia. We have always been drawn to the ocean and water and found surfing to be a personal therapy. This album takes the listener on a journey through Western Australia’s water levels, from micro to macro. Micro, being samples from tiny pools of water in Kalamunda or a stream in the beautiful gorges of Karijini National Park. Macro, being samples collected from Logue Brook Dam or waves from the Indian Ocean. Water Level represents a year and half of dedication to our compositional practise and meticulous attention to detail in sound design. Some of these compositions started with weeks of building custom synthesis devices and audio effects. Some of these compositions started as scores for Piano and slowing adapted into beat-driven, bass punching tracks.” – Feels
The instrumental tracks on this album explore refined and intricate production techniques, with the sampling and synthesis being designed from scratch by Feels. 
Individually, Elise and Rosie comment on their album; “Water is fluid and forever changing; it can be tiny droplets one second and the next, part of an ocean journeying around the world. The music on this album reflects this theme and for me personally explores my ongoing connection to water, having lived on the coast of Western Australia my whole life” says Elise from Feels. “We have explored many musical states in this album - upbeat and frantic, dark and cinematic, hard-hitting and pop. This album exemplifies our interest in many different types of music production, all the while keeping the Feels signature sound” Rosie adds.
Feels are passionate and dedicated to creating new electronic music like no other artist. They are carefully carving their unique and universal sound with each release and Water Level is no exception to this. With the project only three years in, they are already being recognised at a national level and being compared to groundbreaking electronic artists such as ​Flume.

Water Level is out now.