Nov 19, 2019


Bellarine born and Melbourne based Fenn Wilson has released his eagerly anticipated debut album Ghost Heroin, expertly navigating the bumpy road from darkness to catharsis.   

Fenn continues to draw from his own rich life experience when crafting songs and also has a knack for tapping into raw emotions, which seem to bubble just below the surface while waiting to be summoned. His delivery of every single lyric and note is meticulous. Attention to diction drives home each song's message, clarifying intent. 

'I'd put down my track and then Shannon Bourne would put down his track and then we had cello come in and then piano come in, and so it built and built and built...everybody was moving their way around the melodies that were already there.Fenn Wilson 

This album's title Ghost Heroin references the inescapable torment that often attaches itself to painful memories, but uplifting moments - such as the album opener/second single Lost My Way - illuminate dappled light within the shadows. The first single to be lifted from Ghost Heroin,  Eye On You is pared-back, with a guitar-and-vocal arrangement that swells incrementally with the introduction of each additional instrument until those celestial chorus harmonies seal the deal. 

Expanding on his accomplished 2015 EP 'Tales Of The Black Dog', which showcased Fenn's rhythmic guitar playing and husky bass-baritone, the material on Ghost Heroin incorporates additional backing such as bass, cello and vocal harmonies. However, Wilson's vocal chops rightfully take the spotlight throughout this album thanks to producer Shannon Bourne, who was careful to ensure that enough space was left within the arrangements to highlight this artist's extraordinary singing ability. 

Ghost Heroin was funded by the Queenscliff Music Festival Emerging Artist Grant, which Fenn was awarded in 2018, this debut album will be premiered during his upcoming appearance and Queenscliff Music Festival. Fenn will be launching the album at the Penny Black on November 29.

Once on your radar, you won't forget Fenn Wilson in a hurry. His music pulses urgently with both gravity and heart. 

Ghost Heroin is out now.