Jul 30, 2019


No one could ever accuse Greta Stanley of dishonesty. The Cairns-based artist’s confessional lyrics and tendency to lay herself bare in her songs have gained her a reputation as one of the Sunshine State’s most relatable and mesmerising singer/songwriters.

On her debut EP ‘Bedroom City’ and album ‘Full Grown’, Stanley combined evocative storytelling with a gorgeous indie-folk palette to create a sound which gained her plenty of fans across the country.

Now, on new EP ‘Sun In My Eyes’, Stanley has taken a bold sonic leap forward. The lyrical vulnerability is still there, of course, but her musical horizons have broadened and her remarkable voice has an even greater depth. Moving seamlessly between genres; Stanley blends folk with pop, rock, and electronica to create a rich tapestry that’s much harder to define.

It’s her finest work yet and the stories come thick and fast. Stanley says of the EP:
“This is a collection of songs from a long list of memories. From Melbourne to Mena Creek to Cairns, to things I’ve dreamt up in my head that never landed anywhere at all. I wanted to share both the outward real things and the inward mess of thoughts - in the hope that others find comfort or connection in that.

It’s a collection of songs about dealing with the lows, about putting your heart on the line but knowing your worth and when to say no, about day to day things that drag, about crying in your room (and probably a lot of other places), about beautiful memories but the sadness that comes from not being able to have the moment again and again - and questioning everything. But despite the brushes on depression and mental health, it’s about maintaining hope, about getting up from the floor and remembering that time heals - friends rule - there’s lessons in everything and to never stop loving, even when it gets hard to.”

Aided by longtime producer Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise), this time with help on the electronic flourishes from Tristan Barton, the soundscapes here are cinematic, nuanced and immaculate. Packed full of highlights, the EP features popular singles ‘Kick’, ‘Come Undone’ and ‘Follow Suit’, as well as upcoming single ‘Pour’.

The 6th most played artist on Unearthed in 2018 and the recipient of last year’s Billy Thorpe Scholarship at the Queensland Music Awards, this captivating young artist is only just getting started.

‘Sun in My Eyes’ is out now through Double Drummer/AWAL.