Oct 15, 2019


KG has released a new collection of music that presents a fleshed out and defined image of a hip-hop artist doing things his own way - the Doin’ Me EP.
Having already introduced fans to the types of sounds featured on the record in ‘Change’, ‘Come Along’ feat Mirrah, and ‘Doin’ Me’ feat Francoistunes, KG takes the listener on a journey deeper into the artistry that he has been flourishing with throughout 2019. 

Touring the Doin’ Me EP right around Australia from October through into December, KG season officially starts with his first-ever show in Darwin. Having already established a strong reputation for himself as an emerging name to watch on stages down the east coast, including Groovin’ The Moo and the Spilt Milk festival, it has become inevitable that KG’s scope for exposure and success broadened. 

A fitting introduction for newcomers and an impressive continuation of stylistic flair for long-time fans, Doin’ Me is a striking EP that takes hip-hop conventions and gives them a unique KG flair. The EP showcases different elements of KG’s personality. From the playfulness of title track ‘Doin’ Me’ and the uplifting nature of ‘Change’, to the thoughtful lyrical wordplay that charges through ‘Come Along’, the Doin’ Me EP is a reflection of the artist’s versatility and love for the genre.
“My EP Doin’ Me is what it is...something new, something different. It will take you on a journey back to my roots but also, it’s an expression of the times we live in now. I want everyone to be inspired to be themselves and not live a life trying to please others.”

Working with noted producer Taka Perry has added to the strength of KG’s work and across the EP, the listener can really hear their partnership flexed on record with ease. KG is the first to admit that while he exists within the ‘Australian rap’ world, his music bucks the conventions and stereotypes of the genre.
“My music is not gangster, it’s not Aussie rap - it’s unique and most importantly - it’s honest. We need more positive vibes in music these days and I hope people are ready for that. If not it’s ok cause I’ll keep Doin’ Me.”

Doin' Me is out now through Freedom Music.