Jul 24, 2018


A multi-dimensional teen with a neo-spiritual vibe and songwriting abilities beyond his years KIAN wrote “Waiting” at the age of 14, recorded it at 15 and releases his sophomore track just as he turns 16 years old.

Written with the insights of someone much older Waiting is a reflection on the trepidation behind uncharted feelings when interested in someone new. “It’s about that feeling of uncertainty when you don’t know if they like you back – I know it’s childish but I reckon everyone has found themselves in this insecure hole at some point in their lives no matter what age” says KIAN. “Hidden within the lyrics are some things that relate to me personally along with metaphorical things to move the story along.”

KIAN stepped into the spotlight with his killer chorus on Baker Boy’s debut track Cloud 9 back in May 2017.  16-year-old KIAN hails from the goldfield town of Castlemaine, Vic. Since the age of two KIAN’s been travelling with his dad making music in remote Indigenous communities. It was at Beswick Community that KIAN met Baker Boy. Aged 13 & 17 the connection was instant. A few years on the crew were at a loose end and decided to create Cloud 9. KIAN stepped up to the microphone and delivered his killer hook smashing it out of the park. Inspired and encouraged by Baker Boy, KIAN began focusing on his own songs.  Since that time he has been listed in triple j’s “best new music."

Waiting is the first song he wrote, and the second to be released after releasing his debut Too Far Gone with Vince the Kid earlier this year.  The two continue to work together.

Waiting is out now through Grand Trine.