Apr 02, 2019


Resurfacing jack of all trades, Laura Imbruglia is thrilled to finally reveal the entirety of her hotly anticipated new album Scared of You. Following from 2013’s What A Treat and breaking a five-year radio silence, Scared of You delves deep into the mind and listening habits of Laura’s past few years, traversing realms of pub rock, brooding indie pop, classic country, shoegaze, grunge and even yacht rock.

With such a broad stylistic scope, exemplified through the album’s three stand alone singles ‘Tricks’‘Diptych’‘The Creeps’ and now ‘Carry You Around’, Imbruglia has earned her stripes as one of Melbourne’s most exciting artists of today. Even more exciting is the news she’s taking Scared of You on the road this autumn, playing some of the country’s favourite cities and venues.

Beneath the gritty, shiny surface, Scared of You sees Laura at her most openly vulnerable yet. Produced by long-time collaborator Nick Huggins, the album gives insight into the joys, frustrations, trials, and tribulations of human interaction.

The last single lifted from the new album ahead its release, ‘Carry You Around’ gives a nostalgic sound of 90s indie rock. Imbruglia showcases unique lyrical insights with punchy vocals backed by jangly guitars and bass player Kelly Dingeldei flawless harmonies. ‘Carry You Around’ was the perfect segue to the album.
Tracks like ‘Give Boys Pink Toys’ and ‘You’re Shit’ push the album into politically charged heavy hitting territory, whilst subdued moments such as ‘Diptych’‘CBT’ and ‘Casual’ remain deeply grounded in self-reflection, and relationship mending. It’s 30 minutes of danceable, punchable, huggable catharsis that showcases the refined songwriting and chameleon like musicianship of an artist at the peak of a massive career.

Scared of You is out now through Ready Freddie.