May 14, 2019


Bottom of an Empty Bottle is the brand new and third single from Liam Kennedy-Clark, lifted from his debut full-length album, Another Habit, which is due for release on digital platforms on Friday, 24 May, and now available for pre-order, distributed through indie label, Social Family Records.  All digital pre-orders via iTunes receive this track and the previous two singles, Old Family Home and Tails You Say The Same instantly.
Penned as a song that offers an alternate story to your typical country drinking and heartbreak songs, Bottom Of An Empty Bottle, speaks of love found one night at a bar with no way to find her again – a man drinking to remember, not drinking to forget. Written alongside Katelyn, Liam, and Kasey O'Donoghue, (Homegrown) this song is a reflection of the sound of country music in the '90s, with a modern twist.

Another Habit is Liam Kennedy-Clark's debut album following on from his last EP, Travelling Lines.  It features writing collaborations with the likes of 2019 Golden Guitar Winners, Nick and Tom Wolfe, from The Wolfe Brothers, and a vocal duet with 2018 Golden Guitar Winner, Aleyce Simmonds.
The album includes an array of songs that tell stories from touring on the road, from conversations heard and places stayed through to different twists on country love found and love lost clichés.  With the lyrical variety and creativity and country music itself an ever-changing as a sound, Kennedy-Clark drew inspiration from all over, including Glen Campbell, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Alan Jackson, and even George Jones – something for everyone!

 A multi-instrumentalist as well as a gifted singer-songwriter, Kennedy-Clark has spent a lot of the past few years touring with the likes of Adam Harvey, Lee Kernaghan, The Bushwackers, James Blundell and more, as well as a lot of time in his home studio.  Music flows through his veins and with influences like Vince Gill, Merle Haggard, and Glenn Frey, there’s no hiding his “Old Country Soul.”  Throw that into the mix with his modern idols, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban, and you have the recipe for an authentic country sound.