Oct 08, 2019


With it’s gutsy no-nonsense shout-out to the fearless females tuned into the sistahood,  emerging sis-hop outfit Oetha’s debut single Sista Girl captured the attention-line. Cruisin is their follow-up and as the name infers this time the ladies are laid back showing us that you’ve got to carve out the time to cut-loose and hang with your besties regardless of how intense your ‘normal’ daily grind may be. 
Musically speaking, Cruisin is an ideal follow up to Sista Girl. It’s an uplifting soulful song, layered with a smooth baseline and the sounds of luscious Rhode keys. Its soulful, jazzy vibe inspires some crew members to rhyme with poetic flows, while others still deliver their rhymes with the power of a strong feminine energy. Crusin is a female anthem. It’s a classy sound that combines rhythmic Hip Hop drums, a warm guitar, and a neo-soulful chorus that will transport you to great days and fun times. The song has both an inspirational and almost dreamy feel. So soak it up because Oetha’s third single to drop in November is a heavy hitter titled Disturbing the Peace – watch this space! 

“Without Doubt, Cruisin is an anthem for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous women. It is a celebration of female independence, providing the freedom to express ourselves within music and life. “, say Oetha
Oetha [pronounced O-E-tha] is a new rap sis-hop act comprising of Indigenous lady powerhouses Lady Lash, Miss Hood and Dizzy Doolan. These three talented women are well connected and respected on a grassroots level in the music scene, in both urban and remote Indigenous communities.  After their first single received national radio play and saw them nominated for an Age Music Award, they are truly beginning to garner industry attention. 

Oetha is committed to making music that captures the many issues and associated emotions that Indigenous women go through. Like a journal Oetha captures the emotional journey these women travel and brings to life their untold stories. Oetha gives a voice to strong women who are not heard in mainstream society, and especially not captured in the male-dominated genre of Hip Hop. 
Cruisin is out now.