Mar 21, 2017



Queensland’s biggest pop export Sheppard have dropped
'Keep Me Crazy’  a fresh pop jam which combines a next-gear slick, up-tempo earworm with all the ingredients that gave Sheppard over 400 million streams, top 10 chart placements globally and one of the biggest Australian hits of the decade with ‘Geronimo’.

'Keep Me Crazy' is about finding wild, lasting love that keeps you youthful, enthusiastic and passionate," said George Sheppard. "It's a great signpost of what to expect from our album later this year and we're excited to take it to our fans not just in Australia, but around the world."

 After twelve months writing, recording and getting ready to fire their second round, the three siblings and three friends that make up Sheppard have re-emerged with a new confidence, a new maturity and a new drive to complete the task of world chart domination, started with their first album ‘Bombs Away’. 

Keep Me Crazy is out now through Empire of Song/MGM/Chugg Entertainment.