Jul 23, 2019


After self-releasing his unofficial debut EP ‘Reverse Theory’ in 2018, wunderkind producer and multi-instrumentalist Taka Perry today unveils his new single ‘Introspect’, his first with Australian indie label Risqué. A dark and brooding, genre-pushing instrumental track, ‘Introspect’ is just a taste of new music coming from Taka Perry and shows a clear maturity in his production that belies his young age.
“Born out of an error in production, Introspect came together one night in the space of about two hours,” explains Perry. “It was one of those days where everything sounded right and felt good.”
At the age of just 20, Taka Perry’s production career has taken him across multiple territories, with past collaborations including Thomston, Ruel, KLP, Dean Lewis, Lanks, Mallrat, Woodes, SACHI, J Hart (Usher, Justin Bieber) and Max Frost. Equal parts organic and electronic, Perry’s production has the foundations to get you moving, but the creativity to stop you in your tracks, transport you somewhere entirely unexpected, and then throw you right back where you began; all without a moment’s notice.
The stunning artwork for ‘Introspect’ was inspired by Taka’s Japanese heritage. “I was inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e style art and wanted to combine that with vibrant colours. Taka means hawk in Japanese, hence the Japanese-style hawk present in the artwork.”

‘Introspect’ is available now.