Feb 07, 2017


Them Rumblin' Bones are loud and proud of their debut self-titled album.  It’s one hard rocking debut with Michael Stangel out front as singer/guitarist and Dave Stevens on bass, son of AC/DC front man Bon Scott and legendary drummer Venom.
Their debut album features Arthur Seay (Unida, House of Broken Promises) guesting on lead guitar on the track Shadowbox a Billionaire.
In the ex Pure Pop Records owner Dave Stevens  words “We didn’t have a vision as to what we wanted to do when it came to original music. It wasn’t pre planned like what band do we wanna be. We just went into a room and this is what we came up with.”  If only we all had talent like this!!
They wrote all of the songs and spent four months recording and mixing this fast riffing, brooding, powerful slow tempo, blues rock and the list goes on.  You can’t label Them Rumblin' Bones into a genre.
Them Rumblin' Bones is out now through Bandcamp & iTunes.