Aug 05, 2019


New debuts this week from Angie McMahon, Thy Art Is Murder, Lord, Waax, Sheppard, Taylor Henderson, G Flip, The Rubens, Zannon & Sunset Bros, Albrecht La’Brooy, Vince Jones and The Scientists.

Angie McMahon debuts #1 with Salt, Thy Art is Murder debuts #2 with Human Target and Lord debuts #4 with Fallen Idols on the Independent Labels Albums chart.

Thy Art Is Murder debuts #1 with Human Target. Lord debut #2 with Fallen Idols and Round Mountain Girls debut #9 with Getting There Is Only Halfway Back, Albrecht La’Brooy debuts #13 with Healsville, Vince Jones debuts #15 with A Personal Selection and The Scientists debut #17 with Not For Sale: Live 1978/79, all on the 100% Independent Albums charts.

Sheppard debut #1 and #3 on the Singles charts with their body-positive anthem Kiss My Fat Ass while Taylor Henderson lands #2 and #7 with Moving On. The fourth single of G Flips long-awaited, upcoming album About Us, Stupid, lands at #3 and #9 while Zannon & Sunset Bros debut #5 and #12 with Finally.
The Rubens also land #12 on the 100% Independent Singles chart with Falling Asleep At The Wheel feat. Vic Mensa.