May 11, 2020


This week in the charts we have new debuts from ONEFOUR, Stace Cadet x KLP, Daniel Tedford, Taylor Sheridan, Mahmood Khan, Travis Collins, Hilltop Hoods, Maddy Jane, and Troy Roberts. 

Hilltop Hoods debut #1 with I’m Good? on the Independent Label Singles chart, while Taylor Sheridan debuts #6 with When The Demons Come, Mahmood Khan debuts #8 with Go On, Travis Collins debuts #13 with Rainy Day. ONEFOUR debut #15 with Say It Again feat. A$AP Ferg, and Stace Cadet & KLP make their label chart debut with Energy at #18.
On the 100% Independent Singles charts Taylor Sheridan debuts #1, Mahmood Khan debuts #2 and ONEFOUR debut #6.

Over on the Independent Label Albums charts, Wil Wagner debuts #2 with I Hope I Don’t Come Across Intense and Maddy Jane debuts #15 with Not All Bad or Good.
On the 100% Albums charts, Wil Wagner debuts #2 with Laika, Luke Vassella debuts #3 with Kairos, Paul Williamson Quartet debuts 4 with Dark Energy, and Troy Roberts debuts #15 with Stuff I Heard.

 Re-entries this week from Sgt Slick, Tones and I, Hilltop Hoods, Magic Dirt, Hillsong, Adam Brand, ChillinIt, and Charm of Finches.