Oct 28, 2019


New debuts this week from Ali Barter Bobby Alu, Christie Lamb, Cub Sport, Flight Facilities, Horrorshow, Sheppard, and Thornhill.

Horrorshow take the #1 spot with New Normal, and Christie Lamb debuts #2 on the Independent Labels Album chart with Broken Lines, Ali Barter debuts #5 with Hello, I’m Doing My Best, and Thornhill take #9 with The Dark Pool.
Dead Kelly debut #1 on the 100% Independent Album chart with Such Is Life, Bobby Alu debuts #2 with Flow, and The Southern River Band debut #3 with Rumour & Innuendo. 

On the Singles charts, Flight Facilities debuts #3 and #1 with Better Than Ever, Sheppard debut #5 and #3 with Die Young, and Cub Sport debut #8 with I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life feat. Darren Hayes.


Re-entries form Jack River, Hayden James, G Flip, Felicity Urquhart, The Chats, and Jimmy Barnes.