Apr 07, 2020


Explosive Sydney rap group Triple One have shared the studio version of a long-running live favourite in the form of their new single, ‘Handyman’. 

Following up their collaborative single with Matt Corby and Kwame, 'So Easy', ‘Handyman is the group's first new music of 2020. An infectious, three-minute ride that never sits still, teaming overblown bass with a playfully whistling melody and Triple One’s usual dynamic vocal interplay and tongue-in-cheek approach to hip-hop braggadocio. 

Despite having only officially released, ‘Handyman’ has already become a cult favourite among Triple One’s devoted legion of fans, having been road-tested throughout their relentless 2019 touring schedule, which finished with a supporting slot for Australian rap royalty Horrorshow on their national The New Normal Tour’.

Directed by FEMME.tv, the music video is a homage to suburban Australiana, taking nostalgic cues from the group’s teenagedom, exaggerating them to the point of hyperbolic caricature and throwing them all together into a bogan paradise. 

Director Natasha Foster says that: “When the boys from Triple One approached us with a script about a bogan couple, I was excited to take the narrative and pull it apart, make it more abstract and create a hyper color bogan community and shoot on a suburban street… I loved that the boys gave me the creative freedom to be able to take a script and expand it into something that still tells the same story, but in a more visual way. We love creating work full of colour and filling the frame with lots of talent. I think we succeeded in creating Aussie suburbia on crack.”

With one foot planted in Sydney’s gritty underground rap scene, and the other in the sounds of Inner West indie, Triple One are a sonic experiment between hard, soft, beautiful, grimey and all the textures in between. The product of a porous internet generation, their music is rooted in hip hop but is animated by the group’s fearless, restless creativity, exploring metal, emo, pop, punk and R&B in a fierce, blasphemous repudiation of genre barriers. It’s a singular combination that makes Triple One impossible to categorise and even harder to ignore.


Handyman is out now.