Dec 12, 2017


The family at Wantok Musik released their collaborative dedication to Elijah Doughty just in time for Human Rights Day last Sunday.
"This song is a prayer for Elijah that his journey into the Dreaming is guided by the ancestors, and that our love will encompass his family through this time of mourning." – Archie Roach.

Song for Elijah (Wrap Our Arms Around You) is a message from the Dreaming. It is a track dedicated to a young soul whose love of animals, footy and natural knack for bush mechanics is deeply missed in his community. The mother of 14-year-old Aboriginal boy Elijah Doughty, whose death ignited protests across the country, has appealed for an end to racial divisions in Australia. This sparked a call to the collective consciousness of respected Australian musicians across the nation to join forces in support of Elijah and his family.

“We as singer/songwriters have a voice and in times like this I think we need to use it and give hope to those who think that all hope is lost. The journey to create a ripple for change started with the call out, so many amazing people came on board and over a 6 week period Song for Elijah was conceived.” – Kutcha Edwards.

Kutcha Edwards’ first call was to ask permission from Elijah’s family to produce Song For Elijah (Wrap Our Arms Around You), with the aim to set a pertinent reminder for all Australians of the heartbreak felt across the country for all Aboriginal people in this time of sorrow and mourning. The track itself bounds across cultures, generations, and time.  

Song for Elijah takes you on an emotional journey heard in the pain of Archie Roach’s opening, the lingering questions posed by Tjimba Possum Burns, and the pleas to end discrimination by Radical Son.
The urgency heard in the shared verse between Kutcha Edwards and Emma Donovan lends a powerful sense of spirit and resilience. Ilanna Atkinson’s haunting exclamation 'You hurt one, You hurt us all...' is the essence of the collective collaboration, while David Bridie, James Henry, Nao Anzai and Brendan Gallagher all bring pieces of themselves to the song to contribute strength in harmony.
All proceeds from the purchase of Song For Elijah will go towards supporting Elijah's family.

Song For Elijah (Wrap Our Arms Around You) is available now via Wantok Musik.