Oct 15, 2014

Walk the Blue Carpet with L-Fresh the Lion


So this is how it went down: the AIR Awards 2014 at Meat Market in North Melbourne.

Being my first awards ceremony and all, I kind of didn’t know what the protocol was. I found a bunch of familiar faces and got to catch up with peers and colleagues and meet new people. It’s one of those rare occasions where you can chat to journalists all the way through to label heads as well as artists. It’s also one of those occasions where you can strike up a conversation with someone, not knowing who they are, only to find out that they were the head of a festival or music industry company. So the first hour was spent mingling; sharing some finger food and drinks (non-alcoholic for me) with those who came to enjoy the celebration.

And that’s exactly what it was. As the awards ceremony began, it was clear from the beginning with the keynote speech from Adalita, that tonight’s focus was to celebrate the important role that independents play in the landscape of the music industry. Adalita also highlighted what it means to dedicate 25 years to being an independent artist. It is a lifestyle. There’s a never-ending amount of hard work, effort and struggle. But the positives are just as great. And the ever-growing support from those in the music industry is encouraging. “Music is in my blood” is what she said; and to that, I can definitely relate. It’s not just a choice. It’s a necessity for survival.

With that said, the tone for the proceeding was light hearted and humorous. The night was hosted by Dylan Lewis, who ensured that there were many laughs shared by all. Each performance was special. The production team ensured each act shone and sounded great. A stand out for me was the performance by my bro Remi and his team Dutch, Sensible J and N’fa. I’m a Hip Hop head, so I’m biased. But there’s no better feeling than seeing your peers succeed and shine.

Former AIR CEO Nick O’Byrne got a well-deserved mention towards the end of the ceremony. He’s been a champion for independent music, so the moment was special. It was also the official handover to welcome new CEO Dan Nevin, who I’m sure will continue to push and drive the independent music scene into growth and positivity.

With that said, a massive congratulations to the winners in each category. Your hard work and effort does not go unnoticed. It’s great to see such amazing art being rewarded and celebrated.

I’m sure 2015 will be just as positive as 2014. On to the next one.