Oct 07, 2013

Nominee Playlist: The Mark Of Cain

John Scott - singer/guitarist for The Mark Of Cain - who are up for Best Hard Rock Album at the Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards selects some Aussie greats for his Oz playlist.


The Masters Apprentices - Turn Up Your Radio

This is a great Adelaide band. I heard this song in 1970 - I thought, "What a great band/song!" I saw it on Happening 70, hosted by Ross D Wylie. It reminds me of Summer of 1970, the Vietnam War. From this, I knew I loved music.



Sputniks - Second Glance

This is a great Adelaide band. I heard this song in 1979 and I thought, "What a great band and song from Adelaide." When I first heard it, I was in my bedroom, playing a single on the record player. This song reminds me of the early Adelaide music scene. Made me know I could play music too.



The Numbers - This is a Modern Song

Everyone loved Annalisse Morrow. I heard this song in 1980 - a girl at school had a brother playing drums in band, wow! I first heard it on TV, probably on Countdown or Nightmoves. It reminds me of Annalisse and made me want to play in a band to meet Annalisse.



Venom P Stinger - Walking About

A great Melbourne band. First heard this track in 1988. I thought, "What a great band/song from Melbourne." It was on Abberant Records, heard it in Sydney while on tour. It reminds me of TMOC's early life, us playing with Venom P Stinger. This song made me know I was doing the right thing with my life in regards to music.



The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher

This song has a great bass line. I first heard it in 1980 - in November or December, maybe. I played it on radio cassette at home recorded off of Adelaide University radio. I remember learning a bass line to teach to my brother. When I heard this song, I knew I had found music that meant something.