Sep 25, 2013

Performer Spotlight: Saskwatch

Nkechi Anele of Melbourne's Saskwatch has no performance anxiety ahead of their slot at the Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards. Interview by Angela Allan

What’s the biggest blunder you’ve committed on stage?

Apart from the obvious dress malfunction, I think the biggest blunder I have committed on stage has been getting the drummer and bass players names confused. The worst instance of this was announcing to their friends who were in the crowd that it was the drummer’s birthday when, in fact, it was the bass players… Awkward.

What do you have to remember when performing at the Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards (other than the lyrics, of course)?

Don’t fall over and look like a complete knob. Also don’t walk of the edge of stage.

What would you never wear on stage?

An animal onesie, I hate them and I know I would most likely have to dress up like a Sasquatch. It would feel like dancing in a sweat sack on stage, so gross.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve performed?

I really don’t know, I think we have had it pretty easy, so nowhere.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

We kind of psych each other up like a football team would – butt slaps included.

What’s the worst crowd behaviour you’ve encountered?

We used to play at a dingy bar in St. Kilda once a month and the stage there was really low to the ground. The last set would end up with drunk guys standing face to face with me, trying to subtly catch my eye but really just breathing or belching their stank breath into my face and yelling at me asking me to have a drink with them.

Have you had any strange fan encounters? If so, what was it?

George Wendt from Cheers turned up at our gig in Edinburgh fringe festival - that was really weird. Also on the same night a guy was break dancing through our set, and split his pants, then spent the rest of the night flashing us his balls yelling, "Welcome to Scotland!"

What’s the weirdest place you’ve heard your songs played?

On The Block.

Who do you think will win big at the Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards?

Courtney Barnett, she has been kicking a lot of goals at the moment and she’s a really ace person. It would be great to see Jagwar Ma and Big Scary take a few home as well.