Nov 22, 2013


Tambourine by Teeth & Tongue was one of the best albums of 2011. It was their second album, a collection of songs which were both bold and sophisticated - showcasing sublime musicianship and the stunning soaring voice of Jess Cornelius, with a touch of desolate reverb. Teeth & Tongue's aesthetic pulls you in, cool and distant but enveloping and beguiling the same time. When they released the single The Party Is You in 2012 we were stoked -  taste of things to come which encapsulated everything great about the band.

Now they've released undeniably (in our eyes) one of the best songs of 2013. The jaw-dropping Good Man. We've never heard a song like it before. The star is the arrangement - A single organ, a smattering of feedback, some gated drums and Jess' multi-layered, multi-textured vocals dominating out front. Breathtaking stuff.