Dec 14, 2012

The Smith Street Band - Young Drunk

The Smith Street Band are predictably self deprecating when they describe themselves as "a shitty band from Melbourne who enjoy mock meat and alcohol. We play heaps of shows and tour lots because it's fun." The truth is that their latest album Sunshine and Technology is one of the best Australian albums released this year. 43 minutes of GREAT punk rock. And their live shows are just as brilliant.

For the album's entire length, words tumble out of (lead singer, songwriter & mastermind) Wil Wagner's mouth, spinning stories about an average life in a way so free of affectation that it's thrilling. Wil's gift is to make the mundane sound magical. We're all able to walk past the commission flats, we all like to get drunk, we all smoke cigarettes and watch bands but it's more romantic when The Smith Street Band are singing about it.

The Smith Street Band have just released their first ever film clip for the song Young Drunk. Filmed at their album launch gig at a sold out Tote Hotel, the fervour of both performers and audience tells you all you need to know about the band. I wish I was at that gig.