Valley Arm Digital

We are modern day content publishers and distributors, whether that be audio or video we can help monetise your content across all digital platforms. 

We’re Asia’s biggest digital distributor but with a global focus, servicing 100’s of stores worldwide including iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and Google Play to name but a few. 

We are also a Multi Channel Network, which means we have a partner relationship with YouTube, which gives us the best framework for you to achieve maximum revenues within YouTube either on video or audio content. 

VA Digital provides you with the tools, guides and support that helps you get the most from the world’s biggest video platform. We have a team of certified experts that will help you create and arrange the look and feel of your Channel while utilizing YouTube’s Best Practices. 

We also represent a wide variety of social influences that produce tailor made branded content for any social platforms that a given brand deems suitable.  

Some of clients include, 

Beyond International, Australian Children’s Television Network, Central Station Records, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Wheatley Records, Half A Cow Records, iDownloads, the artists Devo and Vanessa Amorosi.

Contact : Dave Sayer - Key Account Manager