Member Benefits

AIR negotiates with industry and government, lobbying on behalf of its members and the broader independent recording sector, to facilitate commerce and achieve fair market access and parity of terms with the major labels.

This makes us your voice for the issues that affect you and your music business. 

AIR Membership provides access to tools and information to help you run a healthier, more profitable music business, in addition to the following services: 


  • AIR's collective bargaining arrangements mark the first time the majority of independent labels and artists have access to music video royalties from MTV, Foxtel and Nightlife Music and Video.
  • AIR has an agreement in place with XYZ Networks ([V] Hits, Music Max and Country Music Channel), MTV and Nightlife Music and Video. 
  • AIR received the first ever payment from MTV for royalties from music videos on that network and in 2015 came to an agreement which sees total member royalty revenues triple, whilst significantly increasing the amount of independent music videos to be broadcast on the network.
  • AIR continued its agreement with Nightlife Music and Video ensuring that all indie artists played on their background music systems will receive royalties.


  • AIR has played a lead role in the formation of the Worldwide Independent Network’s “Independent Manifesto”, a document which outlines the basis for co-operation in dealing with issues that affect the independent music sector on a worldwide scale. 
  • AIR joined with WIN and international trade bodies and labels to help ensure that royalties are paid during Apple Music's free three month trial.
  • AIR has made significant submissions to government concerning the contemporary music policy. This includes a joint submission to propose a Federal Government cross-portfolio approach to contemporary music fundingsupport online copyright law reform and encourage the Australian Government to support strong IP laws through international trade agreements (Trans-Pacific Partnership).
  • AIR has also made submissions supporting the continued funding of AMRAP, supporting the PPCA’s push for removal of the 1% Cap, ensuring independent small businesses are represented in the National Cultural Policy and pushing for greater support of businesses investing in the arts.
  • Along with APRA AMCOS, ARIA, PPCA, Live Music Office and other leading bodies, AIR is part of the of the Music Australia led National Contemporary Music Business Plan, works closely with Music Rights Australia and is active in representing the independent recording sector at the leading Australian music conferences, including BIGSOUND and Face The Music .


  • AIR holds an annual two-day Indie-Con Australia Conference. 
  • AIR has led label delegations to Indie Week in New York, where labels have access to key U.S. labels and businesses within the U.S. independent music sector.
  • AIR has worked with AMIN on the RELEASE label development business program.
  • AIR has conducted workshops for indie labels and indie artists in Hobart (Amplified), Darwin (iNTune), Alice Springs (iNTune), Brisbane (BIGSOUND), Adelaide (Fuse Festival), Perth (WAMi and One Movement) and Melbourne (Face The Music).
  • AIR played a major role in the roll-out of streaming services in Australia in early 2012, working with each platform to ensure that all independents have the ability to reach an audience.
  • AIR works with its members, helping labels achieve best practice in many areas of their business.


  • AIR Members (Associate/Full/Distributor) have the ability to nominate and vote in the AIR Independent Music Awards.
  • AIR Members (Associate/Full/Distributor) receive tickets to the invite-only AIR Independent Music Awards.
  • AIR Members have the ability to sign up to AIR’s current collective bargaining agreements with broadcasters MTV and XYZ networks and the ability to sign up to future collective bargaining agreements.
  • AIR members receive negotiated discounts from businesses that support AIR through our Friends Of AIR program.
  • Access to documents and resources from AIR and its partner organisations across the world.
  • Discounts from selected conferences – Singapore (Music Matters), Brisbane (BIGSOUND) and Melbourne (CHANGES).

 If you'd like to become an AIR Member, head here.