Nov 08, 2016


Client Liasion debut release Diplomatic Immunity has been a long time coming Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan first started performing and writing music together in 2009. Part of the reason for the wait is the sheer scale of the collaboration that has gone into the album.
True to the inclusive freewheeling spirit of the band’s shows, the album has brought together artists from an array of genres and fields including Eric J Dubowsky, who mixed the album, creating a filmic vintage sound to match the temperament of the album’s lyrics.
Harvey mostly behind the keyboard, occasionally coming forward for a high-five or a particularly vehement fist pump, and Monte out the front, spinning, bouncing, dancing, and singing in a voice that climbs higher and higher, before disappearing momentarily offstage, only to reappear in a whole new ensemble of clothing.  The spectacle of their performances has always been as visual as it is auditory.

Diplomatic Immunity is out now through Remote Control/Dot Dash.