Feb 28, 2017


West Australian sisters Donna and Vikki Simpson (now Vikki Thorn) joined forces with Josh Cunningham to create one of the country’s best-loved bands, The Waifs.
Their new release, Ironbark is a double album of 25 original songs (one for each year they’ve been a band) and is the group’s eighth studio album. It's a thank you to those thousands of fans who have stuck with them at home and overseas, and a fitting one given the quality of the material.
The cover shot is taken near Cunningham’s home on the NSW south coast, is a nod to Australia itself, its nature and its people - essential ingredients in the extraordinary body of work The Waifs have created in that time.

Engineer, James Newhouse, assembled his recording gear in guitarist Josh Cunningham’s kitchen, and got to work as one new song after another poured out of the three musos. The songs went down live, an organic approach that delivered a warmth and spontaneity.

Ironbark is out now through Jarrah Records.