May 30, 2017


Kilbey Kennedy, the creative brainchild of Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy, have released their fifth EP Glow and Fade. Glow and Fade celebrates a decade of collaboration for the two, and the album features stunning art by the legendary, Bruce Pennington, famous for his evocative artwork for Frank Herbert’s Dune books in the 1960s. Together with the music, it brings back memories of classic concept albums of the past.  

The songs are about wide-eyed naivete and crushing cynicism, nature of time, time of nature, the struggle and the defeat, love in all its old disguises. It really is quite a journey.” – Steve Kilbey

Musically, it is the ultimate convergence of all my music projects and influences from my childhood love of Pink Floyd to the atmospheric landscapes of my All India Radio project and the dream rock of our Kilbey Kennedy output. It all comes together on Glow and Fade.” – Martin Kennedy

Individually, the two artists have been integral contributors to Australian music for years, Steve with his work with The Church (earning a Hall Of Fame induction) and numerous solo albums, and Martin with his work with All India Radio and Pray TV. 

Glow and Fade is out now through Golden Robot Records.