Jul 04, 2017


With two critically acclaimed EPs under their belt and more broken guitar strings and tour damaged gear than they’d care to recall, The Cherry Dolls have released their single Cop Out off their highly anticipated debut album, Viva Los Dolls, out Friday 28th July.
Recorded in a frenetic blast of activity while the rest of town was sleeping off their New Year’s hangovers, their debut long player saw Alex Markwell of The Delta Riggs sitting in on production duties to capture their blistering live show on record.

Throwing a curveball with first single, 'Blister', the Dolls show off their tender side with a soaring ode to a departed friend, whilst the latest single ‘Slave’ gives Iggy Pop a run for his money with primal despair and frustration fuelling a thunderous riff distilled into a tightly coiled track that explodes from the speakers.
The third single Cop Out is the essence of the Dolls – taught, angular guitar lines going hell bent for leather out over a thunderous primal beat.
Clocking up two years of unrelenting gigging and recording they’ve given more than fair warning of their promise as one of Australia’s most electrifying bands, which they’ve now proudly captured on their debut album, Viva Los Dolls.

Cop Out is out now and Viva Los Dolls is due out July 28th through Golden Robot Records.