Aug 22, 2017


Northern Territory rapper and Bad Apples label resident, Birdz has released his debut album titled Train Of Thought. 

Birdz has made a name for himself as a rapper with something to say who is not shy about it.
Train of Thought is an honest and true examination of modern Australia.

Tracks like Questions and Testify are harrowing insights of abuse of power and the effects on people’s lives, latest single This Side shows Birdz artistic range, bringing out RnB and harmonic influences to the front.

Lessons gives us insight to his childhood life, and title track Train of Thought, is Birdz defending his right to be who he wants to be.

Tracks like Black Lives Matter may have given him the tag as a political rapper but the tracks true power lies in the songs’ ties to his own life.

Largely self-composed and home recorded in parts, featuring many of his oldest collaborators and new label mates, Train of Thought is Birdz's powerful expression of Indigenous hardships and the human experience.
Birdz holds nothing back on this album.

Train of Thought is out now through Bad Apples Music.