Sep 05, 2017


Melbourne band, The Heartache State, fronted by Nick Barker, have dropped their brand new album, Last of the Buffalo, out via independent rock label, Golden Robot Records.
The second album from the band, which is made up of band members Nick Barker and Justin Garner who’ve been playing together on and off for 15 years, long time friend Venom on drums, and Michael Hubbard on bass, sees them venturing deeper down the same road. Produced by Shane O’Mara at Yikesville Studios, Last of the Buffalo is a bucket list project for the band – to record an album without a net.  The results are brilliant, with the majority of the songs written by Nick Barker, with Justin Garner also contributing, and Tim Rogers penning the title track.

“We basically swapped ideas back and forth on our phones, then went into producer Shane O’Mara’s Yikesville Studios without any arrangements or real format for the songs…then we sort of jammed them into shape and recorded them – so what you hear is the second or third time the song has ever been played.  It’s a very 70s-centric approach, I guess, and some of the endings do ramble on a bit as Yikesville has a strict no fade policy!!!  But listening back now, it was a great call and we love the bloody thing and couldn’t be prouder.  We’re not reinventing the wheel, the old wheel goes OK.” - The Heartache State, 2017.

Last of the Buffalo is out now through Golden Robot Records.