Sep 19, 2017


Yorta-Yorta singer/songwriter and The Age Music Victoria Awards 2016 “Best Aboriginal Act of the Year”, Benny Walker, is back again with a new EP titled Undercover.

Benny worked with ARIA Award winner Jan Skubiszewski on the EP to achieve a balance in sound between real instruments complimented with very contemporary production.

Jan and I are both big fans of old blues and soul music, so we used those influences as the platform for the EP. ‘Stay In My Arms’, ‘Save’ and ‘Without You’ are turbulent love songs. ‘Ghost’ (co-written with Skubiszewski) is politically charged, whilst ‘Undercover Of My Skin’ (also co-written with Skubiszewski) speaks of living as an Aboriginal Australian with lighter skin and the experience of blatant racism either directed at me or indirectly as they were unaware of my heritage.” Says Walker of the EP.

Undercover is available now.