Oct 24, 2017


Rachael Leahcar is back with a single release of Shadows off her April album of the same name.
As one of the rawest tracks on her recent LP, Shadows touches on often taboo topics of suicide and mental illness. For Rachael, releasing it as a single in the lead-up to her tour was a chance to give audiences an understanding of the song before performing it live. “It is a very powerful, emotional song and I needed the message to be clear,” she says.
When it came to composing the track, Rachael wrote the bare bones of the song on the piano, using her voice to help create the depth she envisioned.

Rachael says of the single, "I got the idea to write Shadows from someone who was raising money for a charity supporting those with a mental illness. I’ve met many people who struggle with depression, bipolar, anxiety and even suicide every, single day. I wanted to write a song that didn’t simplify their illness by telling them just to be happy.
In this song, I’m saying, I understand how hard this is for you. It can be torture. But you have the strength to get through and there is support out there for you. You are not a burden and you are not alone. It’s a dark song with a positive message.
I grew as a songwriter with this song, deconstructing and reconstructing, so I'm really proud of how it turned out."

Shadows is out now.