Oct 31, 2017


Rising Australian alt-inide artist Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia.

Timberwolf’s highly anticipated and long awaited debut album, Íkaros, is out now. Having taken influences from psych rock and hip hop sounds dating back to the 60’s, Timberwolf’s debut album is set to be a big step up and away from his previous two EP releases.

Recorded between the NSW Central Coast, L.A. and Adelaide, this album has been a long time coming, and sees Pansoukis exploring his Greek heritage.

“The record follows the journey of this one character – Íkaros – (a character re-interpreted from ancient Greek mythology) – from a life of self-preservation and fear of connection, to embracing vulnerability and trust in new connections with fellow humans, especially in romance,” Pansoukis explains.
Íkaros is available now.