Feb 20, 2018


Sydney’s Flickertail have dropped the second single, Back of My Mind, from their upcoming 5-track debut EP, Hurry Up and Wait, due for release on 16 March via Golden Robot Records.

Back of My Mind is the heaviest tune on the new record. There’s the staccato riff, which started life as a Led Zep-style open-string sort of thing - think Kashmir played by someone dressed as Ian Brown. With thoughts of getting girls up and dancing being much cooler than trying to sound like warlock Jimmy Page, they slowed it down and emphasised the 4/4 beat.  

One could say this is a concept style EP: through screaming Les Pauls and thunderous drums, it tells the story of four dashing young men with no money having a bloody great time watching Braveheart, sinking tins and getting thoroughly excited about EPL highlights. It’s also a rough collection of love stories, but that’s much less fun to talk about. 
In the studio, the boys landed Steve Balbi and Tony Wall, the latter of which has worked with just about everyone from Olivia Newton-John to KISS. Naturally, as lifelong devotees of honest, in-your-face guitar rock, they were beyond thrilled to record the next “Xanadu”.

Flickertail honed their sound in the garages and booze dens of Sydney before hitting the road in 2015 to showcase their unique sound at every pub, club and backyard along Australia's eastern coast. The end of that year saw the band landing coveted opening slots with Aussie rock heroes Buffalo and Sarah McLeod on top of endless sweaty shows with local legends Black Aces, The Lockhearts, and Foreign Kings.

Back of My Mind is available now, Hurry Up and Wait is available for pre-order through Golden Robot.