Feb 27, 2018


Press Club’s freshman year in the game was by no means small. In their first 11 months on stage they racked up 60 notches in their belts. Now ’18 is guaranteed to be bigger than ’17. The group having just announced a 30+ date nation-wide tour supporting The Smith Street Band, as well as recent support performances with Cloud Nothings (USA), Iron Chic (USA), Dream Wife (UK), Polish Club (AUS) and slots at The Grampians Music Festival and the upcoming Pool House Record’s Pool House Party.

Press Club get off on the good foot for 2018 with the release of Suburbia’ the third single from the band’s imminent debut album Late Teens

Conceived in a garage in Brunswick, the band worked the song from the verses up. Natalie Foster’s introspective lyrics are brushstrokes of different pigment from the same pallet. Dissecting the need for belonging, sense of one’s self and feelings of emotional and physical isolation.

‘Suburbia’ was recorded live in one day during the Late Teens sessions at The Aviary Studios in Melbourne. As with all of their work it was completely self-produced by the band and engineered by the band’s guitarist Greg Rietwyk. Bassist Iain MacRae citing that they “experimented with sounds, and the arrangement of the song to try and bring a vaster dynamic range to the album”.

The single’s artwork features an early 1960’s photograph of MacRae’s family home where the band spent a considerable amount of time refining their songs prior to putting Late Teens to tape.

Suburbia is out now and Late Teens is out March 16.