Apr 17, 2018


Ryan Downey has released his jaw-droppingly beautiful debut album Running. Downey has created a musical world unlike any that you’ve heard, illuminating an artist who has the power to break your heart, mend it and set it on fire, all at the same time.

Ryan grew up in rural Victoria on a property out of town. At 10 he was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. “I was a young boy with an old man’s body,” he explains. “There were days when I couldn’t walk and during the worst of it my hair turned grey for a while.” He matured fast and got a sense of humour about life fast too. “Being a forced bystander through those early years really bound me to my love of art, music and cinema.”

Throughout, Running is brimming with heart and wry observation, sophistication and playfulness; a glorious and perfectly constructed 21st century folk gem which reveals Downey as a timeless talent.

Running was recorded across New York and Melbourne – at the Brooklyn studio of Zoe Randell and Steven Hassett of duo Luluc, with preliminary tracking done at Headgap Studios in Preston, Victoria. It was produced by Hassett, who Ryan met when supporting Luluc on their 2014 tour. It was a perfect pairing with the two of them embarking on an intense five weeks of recording.

Running is out now through Barely Dressed Records and Remote Control.