Apr 24, 2018


‘Struggle’ is the powerful new single from Black Rock Band, a captivating band emerging from West Arnhem land. The second single from their forthcoming album, ‘Struggle’ is destined to make waves far from the band’s home in the Top End of the Northern Territory.

Drawing on deep musical family history, Black Rock Band incorporate traditional and contemporary sounds with a steady rock style, singing in both Kunwinjku and English. Black Rock Band are driven to promote change in their community through the songs they sing and the stories they tell; singing about their hopes and hardships, and their connection to country and culture. More than this, the band are fighting for social justice and a better future for the next generation of Indigenous youth and children.

‘Struggle’ speaks to the experience of the band as young Aboriginal men, and the experience of their families and community. It is a call for everyone to work together to break negative patterns and ‘make a change’; as a nation, as a community and every day for themselves.

I think ‘Struggle’ reflects on me personally, I thought of a way in my head to express my attitude, where I was heading in those early days, feeling depressed, lost, using and shit… but it expresses how we can overcome, opening our eyes, becoming aware. For me it was learning language and culture.” - Richie Guymala (lead singer).

This release is combined with a striking video by filmmaker Sam Frederick, which follows a young Indigenous man (Richie’s brother) on the streets of Darwin; bored, lost and with little hope or opportunity that leads to incarceration. It gives voice to and reflects the experience of too many Indigenous children and young people caught up in the criminal justice system. Importantly, this song offers hope and it calls for change.

“I’m trying to reach out to the audience, black fella, white fella, every fella for real. When you go deeper into the conversation we still got racism in this country. I experience it myself. I think it’s time to make a change.” -- Richie Guymala.

Struggle is out now through Wantok Musik.