May 01, 2018


It’s here! DMA’S have finally released their highly anticipated sophomore album For Now, growing their jangly guitar pop into a euphoric but reflective collection of catchy goodness.

Releasing a follow-up to 2016’s phenomenal debut Hills End was always going to be a mountainous enterprise, but right from the drop of lead single ‘Dawning‘ it was clear the band were flying above the task. With brutally honest lines hidden behind sweet, summery guitars, the track exemplifies what the Sydney trio do best – make sensitive pop songs with ridiculously catchy hooks.

This is true for the entire 12 track album, which varies track to track in instrumentation, tempo and lyrics but consistently strikes you in the heart and remains in your head hours later. 
For Now tones down the thick walls of guitar from the first album, instead opting for sophisticated arrangements that include acoustic guitar, piano and hints of softly sweeping strings.

Despite what the name suggests, this collection of songs isn’t just For Now. DMA’S have created an album of pleasant and provocative guitar pop that will be revered for years to come.

For Now is out now through I Oh You.