Jul 10, 2018


Victorian West-siders The Attics have been crafting their own brand of melt-in-your-mouth psych-pop since gracing the local scene with their first breakthrough singles ‘Not Like’ and ‘Bluffing’ back in 2016. After putting Colac on the map and moving to Melbourne, the four-piece are excited to reveal their first single of 2018, Ultramarine.

The first release since their debut self-titled album of last year, ‘Ultramarine’ sees The Attics testing the elasticity of pre-established boundaries and stretching beyond any self-appointed limitations. Without denying their signature guitar jangle and catchy melodic charm, ‘Ultramarine’ slips away from the light and airy stream of pop consciousness that has served the outfit thus far and begins to plunge into thought provoking depth.

With one foot on land and one in the sea, this amphibious track is equal parts grounding and uplifting with acclaimed engineer Steven Schram pushing the sound in a dynamic and bold direction.

We’ve always aimed to make music that doesn’t need to be overthought – It’s not meant to be too serious. Ultramarine has been a very different experience. It seemed to be endlessly morphing until it reached a point where we had to stop ourselves tinkering. It’s a war of sounds; a lush and woozy melody sitting atop synchronised driving guitar and bass riffs. It feels like a melting point where the guitar based music that’s become so familiar to us is slipping into something else.” – The Attics.

Compiled of band mates Ben Wade, Steven Mccoombe, Peter Angliss and brainchild Cameron Wade, The Attics are a captivating live act who bring pulsating percussion, dreamy guitar and semi-electronic elements to life with their compelling performances.

Ultramarine is out now.