Aug 14, 2018



Paddy McHugh shoots from the hip, doesn’t pull punches. His song writing is honest and true. Tales of life in Australia told by a man who’s grown up in the same, as raw and real as the country in which he took his first steps. Raised in Tamworth, imbued from a young age with country music, before moving off to Sydney and immersing himself in the city’s gritty punk scene, McHugh now calls Brisbane home, he and his family ensconced within the hot damp that defines the Queensland capital, home to a slew of primal, passionate music over the years.
McHugh comes from the Paul Kelly school of song writing in that simplicity is key and everyday life makes the best stories.
It’s a simple thing, and yet in McHugh’s hands, it’s powerfully raw and real.
City Bound Trains, which follows on from Paddy’s debut album ‘Trials & Cape Tribulation’ was produced by Brendan Gallagher (Karma County), is a neat and strong package that showcases this growing songwriter’s talent to a tee. Honesty is at its core, everyday life its muse, Paddy McHugh the master of it all.
Check out Paddy's latest live video for the Paul Kelly meets early Springsteenesque, Meanwhile In Wilcannia and watch him touring his latest album around the country.

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