Aug 21, 2018


If ever there was a time for a band like Unlucky, it is now. The incendiary Melbourne three-piece is practically a secret identity – born out of the quiet safety of the suburbs and regular day jobs – but instead of suburban banality, the band is an explosive reaction to the growing insidiousness of world events. Unlucky are the much needed voice of dissent in an age of absolute corruption.

Unlucky's debut EP Before It's Too Late is musically and intellectually ferocious. Politically charged, socially aware, searing and catchy. Its first single, KFC, was a mind-expanding introduction to a band that is part punk rock insurrection, part hip hop wisdom. Follow-up single, Replay Rewind, takes this to even further extremes – weaving relentless grooves and Herculean riffs into an epic journey of intelligent musical changes and starkly honest lyrics.

Hitting the ground running, Unlucky dominated a handful of band competitions in their early days. Right from the start, their stage show was electrifying. The key personnel of Walid Shahin (vocals), Kosta Tsourdalakis (guitar/bass), and Kristina Tsourdalakis (drums) forged a sound that was strikingly unique, yet familiar enough to find an eager audience. As they have developed, their ability to focus raw energy into a powerful audio assault has become their biggest weapon.

Produced by Ryan Fallis at Inventions Studio and mastered by Forrester Savell, Unlucky's EP has the sonic force it needs to deliver the band's potent message. Nothing has been left to chance, and every element is working to make each song as dynamic, impacting and thought-provoking as possible. Mirroring the band's blistering live show, Before It's Too Late is a tremendous step forward on their quest towards the ultimate goal of fulfilling their potential as musicians

Before It's Too Late EP out now.