Nov 27, 2018


Jess Ribeiro has today released her new track ‘Love Is The Score Of Nothing’. Premiered yesterday on Double J's Mornings with Zan, the new single is something of an indie rock banger from Ribeiro, signalling a new sound for an artist whose previous albums explored a kind of intricate folk-noire.
This time round Ribeiro recalls the nonchalant coolness of the great French female vocalists of the 1960’s. Her vocal performance is detached while a delightful jangle of guitars, drums, keys and percussion swirls happily underneath.

Produced by Ben Edwards (Marlon Williams/Julia Jacklin) and recorded as an all-star 3-piece (Dave Mudie of Courtney Barnett fame and Jade Imagine), 'Love Is the Score Of Nothing' features lyrics despairing about love at its most nihilistic. This is a song about love - but most definitely not a love song. 

Ribeiro suggests, "Love is like tennis. You win, you lose, you work up a sweat, the game ends. You go home, take a shower then go outside and keep playing."

Also released today is Jess Ribeiro’s new video for the single – directed by Nick McKinlay and shot around Collingwood’s famous Ginger Hair Salon. As Ribeiro explains, “Hair stylist Ginger Light is well known for her love of Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and all things sixties fashion and hair.” As Nick goes on to say “It ended up being a celebration of Ginger’s life, shooting at her salon, in her car, and on her roof. We aspired to reflect her life on film…. with tennis racquets.”

Love Is The Score Of Nothing is the first music out from Jess Ribeiro since her 2015 triumph Kill it Yourself  and is out now through Barely Dressed/Remote Control.