May 28, 2019


A breath of fresh air to Australia’s already bubbling hip-hop clique, Sydney rapper/producer extraordinaire, Phil Fresh doesn't disappoint with his slick new single  I’m The Man.

Paired with the announcement of his new EP FRESHY, this second taste screams authenticity and proves Phil is in a lane of his own. While the synth-heavy, bubbly beat sets the groove, and sultry harmonies from Belmore's Sela Moon glide through effortlessly, it’s Phil’s signature flow and quirky bravado which really brings I’m The Man to life.

A super exciting and playful commentary about the facade that people present on social media, the upbeat yet introspective tone nods to contemporaries Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino

"I’m The Man is a social commentary on ‘clout’. It’s about the dudes who put up a front, whether it’s in person or social media. People who preach one thing to the masses, but do the exact opposite on the low,” Phil explains.

Phil Fresh's first EP, FRESHY is a six-track follow up to his highly praised debut album. While the term “freshy” is a play on his stage name, it’s also reclaiming the term used amongst Polynesians to describe those who had just moved from the islands.

Passionate about his cultural identity, Phil's previous EP teaser ‘Jonah’ shared this same vein and criticised Australian media’s misrepresentation of the Polynesian Islander community. Making waves all over the country and overseas, the track has seen over 45,000 streams on Spotify alone, regular plays on both triple and triple j Unearthed, and support from the likes of Sniffers NZPurple SneakersMonster ChildrenProject U and more. No stranger to Sydney's own vibrant scene, Phil Fresh has been a long term collaborator with man-of-the-year Kwame frequently joining the rapper on stage across the nation to perform their release 'WHO DAT' among others.

With plenty still up his sleeves, it's only a matter of time before the fresh prince of Sydney gets crowned king. 

I'm the Man is out now.