Sep 17, 2019


Mau Power is a proud TSI Dhoebaw man of the Guda Malullgal nations, greatly respected as a voice of empowerment and inspiration among the people of the Torres Strait. He is the first rapper to rap in language emerging from the rich musical traditions of the Torres Strait, a local leader and a lyrical storyteller at the crossroads of Indigenous and hip-hop culture.

ARRIVED is the first track to be released since he released his sophomore album Blue Lotus this year. The album features collaborations with Radical Son, Benny Walker, Jimblah and George Musu to name a few.

Defined to “reach a place at the end of a journey or stage in a journey” ARRIVED in this case, is about the realisation of when you have arrived at an important, singular moment in your destiny. Beginning with gratitude for the gift of “the flow”, the track hits hard with the energy from the jump to set the movement in motion and features the soaring emotive RnB vocals of Marcus Corowa. "The driving motivation for writing this song was inspired by “what life can become”; and in turn, the song became a personal mantra, speaking this vision into existence along the way."

“The song embodies where I believe this next part of my journey is heading as an artist. Marcus brings a rich soulful element to this song that just captures the emotion of the song. The reason I wanted to collaborate with Marcus on this project other than he is a fellow Far North artist, is I believe he also has been through and is going through this journey and you can feel that through his performance in this song - All the artists that feature on Blue Lotus I believe are the story of what Arrived is meant to be.” says Mau Power

Arrived is out now through Ditto.