Mar 17, 2020


Chimerical Melbourne singer-songwriter Fletcher Gull has unleashed his kaleidoscopic new EP ‘Remember That You’re Gone’, following the release of lead singles 'Hypothermia’ and ‘Deciduo’.
Fletcher is a multi-faceted talent with a lust for literature and a fondness for following ideas down twisted rabbit holes, his music is at once arresting and deeply meditative. It’s no surprise, then that each track tells a multiplicity of stories, establishing Gull as a prismatic source of psychedelic indie-pop.
Japanese Wallpaper produced single ‘Hypothermia’ finds transcendental beauty in the freezing climes of the Canadian Rockies amid shambolic, rollicking drums and plinking keys, meanwhile, ‘February’ wraps a tale of unrequited teenage love into a starkly moving piano ballad. ‘Eleven Dollars’ revisits an ancient long-distance relationship against the backdrop of religious fervour and programmed beats., whilst ‘Quicksand', a song so personal that Gull won’t even discuss its origins, is a late-moment stunner, with aching melodies flanked by strings. Finally ‘Deciduo’ encapsulates the marvel of an everyday moment, reimagining a tree framed by a sinking sun as a technicoloured encounter with sublime beauty,  featuring a melody that burrows itself into the brain and finds itself a home, shimmering with ethereal instrumentation.
Produced and mixed by Luke Bertoz, Remember That You’re Gone EP is a disarming cocktail of sweeping keys, multi-tracked guitars, disembodied vocal samples and double-octave harmonies, marking an exciting and colourful new chapter. Fletcher Gull's unique brand of whimsical storytelling is connecting across continents, catching the attention of  BBC Radio's 1 Introducing host Abbie McCarthy. She admitted she'd been 'a bit obsessed' with Fletcher Gull at BIGSOUND 2019. The singles also saw addition to triple j Unearthed rotation, airplay on triple j, extensive reviews and Spotify playlisting. 

 Remember That You're Gone is out now.