Nov 15, 2018


The NSW Parliament has tabled its report into the music and arts economy today. APRA AMCOS welcomes the report, which includes an abundance of recommendations to support live music infrastructure, programs and funding in NSW, and the revitalisation of live music in regional areas.

Amongst the 60 recommendations, we particularly applaud recommendations

  • To appoint a Minister for Music, the Arts and Culture in place of the Minister for Arts, or appoint a Minister for Music in addition to the Minister for the Arts
  • To fund Music NSW to establish a Music Development Office
  • To develop specific funding programs for Indigenous musicians
  • For Create NSW to contribute appropriate funding to SOUNDS AUSTRALIA to support the export of music from NSW
  • To contract the Live Music Office to provide advice on the range of regulatory issues identified in the report
  • To provide ongoing funding to Support Act
  • That the NSW Department of Education and Training investigate opportunities to give prominence to music education in curriculums, and improve training for music teachers
  • To fund and expand the Live and Local Micro Festival Strategic Initiative delivered by the Live Music Office
  • Funding to community radio stations in NSW to foster new music

APRA AMCOS CEO Dean Ormston said, “Live music provides metro and regional NSW areas with a competitive economic and social advantage. However, the health of the contemporary music ecosystem in NSW has been in decline in recent years. Today we welcome the recommendations tabled in this report, which sees music rightfully recognised as key to the state’s economy and social vitality.”

“Live music is also one of the key drivers for the success of Australia’s music industry. Not only does it provide musicians and songwriters a platform to be heard, it is also the feeding ground for the next generation of artists and a critical source of revenue for musicians and the industry.”

“This report provides a roadmap for NSW to reclaim the state’s critical role as a true international hub of arts and culture in the region. We call on all parties across the parliament to continue the bipartisan work of the committee and implement all sixty recommendations.”