Nov 27, 2018


The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) has officially confirmed that its members supported a proposal from the ARIA Board designed to increase diversity and inclusiveness. 
The ARIA constitution has consequently been amended to potentially double the size of the Board and provide the Board with the discretion to directly appoint both (a) an additional ARIA member director (ie: non-major label member), and (b) when considered beneficial, an independent (ie: non-member) director. 
These new amendments allow the Board the necessary flexibility to consider the configuration of the Board from time to time, and directly appoint additional directors to increase inclusiveness, diversity and target particular experience or skill sets.

Following the annual process to determine the two elected member representatives, the Board will consider its current composition, and determine the additional appointment(s), with a further announcement to be made in the New Year.

ARIA will also implement an observership program for emerging women leaders in the music industry, to facilitate greater understanding of ARIA Board and Committee practices and help in the development of the next generation of leaders and potential Board and Committee members. 
Denis Handlin AO, ARIA Chairman and Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment Australia and New Zealand and President, Asia said: “The ARIA Board is delighted with the membership’s support of this initiative.  Broadening participation and diversity on the ARIA Board is an important step in ensuring the Board is truly representative of its members, with the additional perspectives and experience brought to the table to be a great benefit to the Board and the industry as a whole.”
Dan Rosen, Chief Executive of ARIA also expressed his optimism on recognising and embracing the benefits of having a diverse board. “The increase in diversity at Board level is an essential element for ensuring the future success of our business and industry. I look forward to welcoming the new directors in 2019 and to continue addressing the key issues pertaining to our industry across the year.”

The first ARIA Board Meeting of 2019 is scheduled for Q1.